*Data sourced from Circana MarketEdge MAT 23/04/2023 based on data definitions provided by Kao Australia.

Proof You Can See

With Bioré® pore strips, SEEING is BELIEVING. Our easy-to-use pore strips are specially designed to lift out the entire pore plug - not just the top of the blackhead. Pore plugs can consist of a combination of dirt, oil, and dead skin cells which get trapped in your pores and create blackheads. Our pore strips safely and instantly lift out all that gunk hiding deep down in your pores.
Blackheads and clogged pores are a common skin blemish that happen to everyone. But with Bioré® pore strips they don't have to be. Trust us, if you had clogged pores we'd tell you - we have been safely taking care of your pores for 20 years! BTW, you have clogged pores! 😉
When you remove a pore strip from your nose, all that blackhead gunk you see on the strip is what we lovingly refer to as 'The Harvest.' The results are sometimes shocking, but always satisfying. The proof you can see is the reason why our pore strips remain a cult favorite. And the reason why our pore strips can instantly remove blackheads is because of SCIENCE (more on our patented C-bond technology below)!
But, don't take our word for it; see the results for yourself by looking at one of the most satisfying pore strip removals.

Our Pore Strips have Patented Technology Designed to Bind to Blackheads, Not Your Skin

While other wannabe pore strips use adhesives or glue to remove blackheads, Bioré® pore strips use patented C-bond technology, so they are designed to bind to blackheads, not your skin. With this technology, our pore strips were created to lift out the ENTIRE pore plug, not just the top of it.
The 'C' in C-bond stands for a cationic bond. Activated by water, these bonds turn Bioré® pore strips into a magnet for blackheads. A wetted pore strip has an overall positive (or cationic) charge which can then effectively connect with pore plugs - which have an overall negative charge. So, on top of adding negative energy to our lives, blackheads also contain negatively charged ions.
For our pore strips, we take the saying, 'opposites attract' to heart. During the application process, the positively charged pore strip latches on to negatively charged blackheads for safe, effective, and instant removal. Bioré® is the only pore strip with this patented, magnet-like technology designed specifically to bind to blackheads, not your skin.

#1 Trusted Blackhead Remover* Proof You Can See.

#1 Trusted Blackhead Remover* Proof You Can See.

#1 Trusted Blackhead Remover* Proof You Can See.

Despite What You Read, Pore Strips are SAFE to Use!

Bioré® Pore Strips bond to impurities on the outer layer of your skin (so that means only dead skin cells are removed, similar to when you exfoliate using a washcloth) and therefore should not cause skin damage when used correctly. Always read the directions before using a pore strip, they were written for a reason! Make sure to slowly remove the pore strip - no need to rip it off. Aside from getting a dermatologist or esthetician to extract them, pore strips are the only way to remove blackheads safely and instantly.
Bioré® pore strips are beneficial for long-term skin health because they remove and reduce buildup in your pores. This buildup can stretch out your pores and create more space for dirt and grime to get into your pores. So, removing the gunk in your pores also helps reduce the appearance of pore size over time. However, pore strips aren't for everyone. If you have dry, sensitive acnegenic, or irritated skin, consult with your dermatologist before using.
Learn more about pore strips and how they work by reading Pore Strips 101, a guide that includes information from Harvard-educated dermatologist, Dr. Michelle Henry, and Head of Bioré® Skincare R&D, Erica Palmer.

Quick to Dry and Easy to Apply

Quick to dry and easy to apply, our pore strips use powerful technology to free your pores from pesky blackheads. We know you're busy, so we created a one-step process for instant blackhead removal that only lasts 10-15 minutes. Like we said, the only other way to get a similar extraction experience is to book an appointment with a dermatologist or esthetician that will cost you upwards of $200! So not only are pore strips good at removing blackheads, but they're also good for your wallet.
In designing our pore strips, we took the shape into careful consideration. For more comfortable contouring during application, we added slits for flexibility and a curved nose tip. This way, our pore strips cover every inch of your nose to help you achieve the most successful blackhead removal. On top of that, our pore strips have a patent on the strength of their material, so you know these suckers won't rip during the removal process. After applying one of our nose strips, you are hands-free to get on with your life! As you wait for your nose strip to dry, feel free to do homework, watch television, or plan world domination.
Bioré® pore strips also allow you to choose from a selection of pore strip options based on your skincare goals. Our pore strips formulated with witch hazel, known to tighten and refine pores, act like a super magnet for even your most stubborn blackheads. Our charcoal pore strips purify skin and absorb excess dirt and oil. Don't just have blackheads on your nose? No problem! Our facial pore strips feature two types of strips so you can remove blackheads on your face and nose.
We're constantly innovating new ways to fight the battle against blackheads. Stay tuned for our latest pore strip coming out in just a few months!
*Data sourced from Circana MarketEdge MAT 23/04/2023 based on data definitions provided by Kao Australia.

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