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Doing different starts with our ingredients, but doesn’t end there. We are committed to minimising the impact that our products have on the environment around us. That is why we are committed to reducing waste, improving recyclability and sustainably sourcing materials. Get the details on our sustainability efforts.

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We know you LOVE animals and so do we! That’s why all the Bioré products in the UK and our western markets are vegan friendly. We do not test our products or the materials within them on animals and we do not use any animal-derived ingredients.
We follow the conventions of the EU and other governmental bans on animal testing for cosmetics. Occasionally, laws and regulations require testing of materials outside of the cosmetics category. Kao’s efforts to find alternatives to animal testing for cosmetics started more than thirty years ago, well before the official EU legislation in 2004.


Our goal is to bring you the best products with superior technology and that starts with safety. We set the highest standards to ensure every material and finished formula meets industry standards for purity, quality and performance with no exceptions.

Here’s the low-down on the most common ingredients you have been asking about.

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