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ClimatePartner has been helping protect our planet since 2006 and has worked with over 5,000 companies in 65 countries­–and counting!

How do they know our carbon footprint? ClimatePartner uses its special software to calculate the CO2 emissions that occur over the life cycle of our products. The results tell us where we can reduce emissions and where we need to offset unavoidable emissions. Then to offset emissions we can’t avoid, ClimatePartner helps us participate in carbon offset projects all around the world. And this is how we are able to make our products Carbon neutral. The carbon offset projects we support also have positive social effects, which are very important to us. The benchmark for the choice of projects are the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the United Nations.


The Bioré brand is supporting a dual project approach: we offset our carbon emissions through a Gold Standard solar project in India AND additionally collect 10 kg of plastic waste for each compensated ton of CO2. This allows for carbon neutrality and ocean protection at the same time.

Supporting Plastic Bank


Stopping ocean plastic while improving the lives of those who are most affected this is the approach taken by the Plastic Bank In Haiti, Indonesia, Brazil and the Philippines, people collect plastic waste. At local collection points, they can exchange it for money, food, drinking water or even school fees. This empowers vulnerable communities with a path out of poverty. The project makes sure that less plastic ends up in the sea. It is recycled and turned into so-called Social Plastic, which serves as raw material for new products such as packaging.

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This project aligns with the UN Sustainable Development Goals


Solar Power in India


As part of this carbon offset project, solar parks were constructed in the Indian states of Maharastra, Orissa, Jharkhand, Gujarat and Andhra Pradesh to use solar energy for sustainable power generation. The electricity generated is fed into India's state grid,replacing the equivalent amount of energy that would otherwise have been produced by burning fossil fuels. Thanks to the project, around 326,000 tonnes of CO2 emissions can be avoided annually. In addition to supplying clean electricity, the project also contributes to infrastructure development and the creation of new employment opportunities.

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This project aligns with the UN Sustainable Development Goals




Companies, processes and products are carbon neutral if they have calculated their CO2 emissions, found ways to reduce their emissions and then offset any emissions that are unavoidable by participating in carbon offset projects.

It’s important that we focus on reducing our carbon footprint as much as we can. As there is no quick fix, we continuously challenge our processes and product development to further avoid or reduce CO2 emissions. In addition, we aim to develop products that require less water, energy usage or transportation.

Bioré is reducing waste and decreasing the amount of new plastics on our planet by utilizing post-consumer recycled plastics. Most of our cleanser packages contain 30% Post-Consumer Recycled materials. Our plan for 2023 is to increase the PCR content to 50% for the total pack.

Our Production is all about doing more and better with less. We evaluate and measure our impact on the planet and then look for ways to minimize overconsumption and inefficiencies in energy, water, and waste. We support the use of renewable energy, support water conservation, and use FSC or SFI certified paper, as available, we have put in place a step-by-step energy reduction plan.

Achieving carbon neutrality is not an end goal but a bridge to more-substantial reductions.

These projects can happen anywhere in the world. Greenhouse gasses such as CO2 are evenly distributed in the atmosphere, so they’re roughly the same everywhere on Earth. For example, if our product is made in the U.S., we can offset our emissions by helping with a carbon offset project on the other side of the world, like collecting ocean plastic in Indonesia.

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First, we work together with ClimatePartner as they calculate all the CO2 emissions we generate as we make our products. This includes the whole process, from raw materials to production to packaging and transport and even disposal.


Using our calculation results, we look to see where we can cut emissions. Then, we work together with our suppliers to reduce emissions where we can. For example, by using green electricity in production and logistics or by switching our packaging to recycled materials like recycled plastic.


There will be some emissions we simply can’t avoid as we make our products. That’s when get involved in internationally recognized carbon offset projects through the help of ClimatePartner. Helping with these projects does good for the environment that helps cancel out, or offset, the emissions we can’t help but create.

Carbon Neutral

Before they get to you, we mark each of our carbon neutral products with the ClimatePartner label so you know that what you’re buying is certified carbon neutral.

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