Weather isn’t the only thing that can turn dull and gray. Sometimes, you may look in the mirror and stare back at a tired and lackluster complexion—more commonly known as dull skin.

In this article, we’ll tell you all about dull skin, what causes it, and how you can bring back your naturally radiant and glowing complexion.

 Dull Skin

What is dull skin?

Dull skin can show up on your face in a few different ways. In general, dull skin means that dry skin and dead skin cells are giving you a lackluster complexion.

What does dull skin look like?

If you have dull skin, your skin may look tired or dry. Dull skin might have an uneven texture that causes light to reflect less evenly. It may also have a slight gray tint due to pore buildup. In contrast, bright skin looks radiant and glowing with a soft and smooth skin texture.

What Causes Dull Skin?

Dull skin can be caused by a variety of different factors. If you notice that your skin lacks radiance, take a look at the following factors to determine what may be causing your dull skin.

1. Excess Dead Skin Cells

Cell turnover and dead skin cells are part of your skin’s natural lifestyle. But, dead skin cells can get stuck on your face and result in a dull complexion. Removing these dead skin cells can help reveal the radiant skin underneath.

2. Daily Pollution in Your Pores

Unfortunately, air pollution harms the environment and your skin. Air pollution, dirt, dust, oil, and other pollutants can impact your skin's tone and texture. These impurities can clog your pores, prevent the skin from breathing, and result in a gray complexion.

3. Stress

Stress causes the body to produce cortisol, the stress hormone. Increased cortisol production can cause your skin to secrete more oil while slowing down elastin and collagen, all of which cause your skin to look tired and dull.

4. Dehydration and Lack of Nutrients

Nourishing your body with the right foods is key to improving the look and feel of your skin. Ensure you're giving your body all the nutrients it needs by drinking plenty of water and eating a balanced diet.

5. Clogged Pores and Pore Buildup

Clogged pores can prevent your skin from looking and feeling its best. Pore buildup can cause your skin to look dull and lead to blackheads and other forms of acne.

6. Using the Wrong Products for your Skin Type

When brightening dull skin, make sure the products you’re using fit your skin type and condition. For instance, dry or sensitive skin types should avoid products or ingredients that may be overly drying. Brightening is all about finding the perfect balance between cleansing and exfoliating your skin to remove pore buildup and dead skin cells while leaving your skin looking glowy and feeling fresh.

“Brightening is all about finding the perfect balance between cleansing and exfoliating your skin to remove pore buildup and dead skin cells while leaving your skin looking glowy and feeling fresh.”  

7. Natural Aging

Your skin naturally produces less oil and becomes less elastic as you age. Unfortunately, aging can also lead to a buildup of dead skin cells because your skin has a harder time renewing itself.

8. Lack of Moisturization

Forgetting to apply moisturizer may also be causing your dull skin. All skin types, even oily ones, need to be moisturized to protect the skin’s lipid barrier, replenish essential oils, and maintain skin balance and elasticity.

9. Using the Wrong Makeup

Mattifying makeups are great for reducing shine on your skin, but they can prevent you from achieving a luminous, glowy complexion. Forgetting to remove makeup or leaving traces of makeup after washing can contribute to pore buildup and a dull-looking complexion.

Skincare for Dull Skin: 7 Brightening Tips

The good news is that getting rid of dull skin isn’t that hard to do! All it takes is a few changes in your skincare routine and lifestyle choices to help you achieve the radiant skin of your dreams.

Tip #1: Use a Jelly Cleanser To Dissolve Pore Buildup

jelly cleanser deep cleans your pores by dissolving and removing stubborn pore buildup. When cleansing, apply the cleanser and massage your face for 60 seconds to activate our unique cleansing technology. Then, rinse thoroughly for 30 seconds with warm water. Add this cleanser to your skincare routine once or twice a day.

 “A jelly cleanser deep cleans your pores by dissolving and removing stubborn pore buildup.”    

Tip #2: Refine Pores With a Brightening Face Scrub

Regular exfoliation helps remove dead skin cells from the surface of your skin. Using a brightening face scrub helps improve the tone and texture of your skin to reveal glowing skin underneath. For even more skin-loving ingredients, look for a face scrub that is formulated with dragon fruit, an ingredient known for its smoothing and clarifying properties.

Tip #3: Protect Your Skin From Sun Exposure

Warm, dry air can cause your skin to dry out and become dehydrated, while the sun’s UV rays can cause premature skin aging and loss of elasticity. Wear sunscreen daily and seek shade to prevent sun damage.

Tip #4: Get Plenty of Sleep

Lack of sleep lowers the blood’s oxygen levels, contributing to a dull complexion by making the skin appear grayer and less vibrant. Getting enough beauty sleep allows your body to rest and produce collagen that helps restore and heal your skin.

Tip #5: Rejuvenate With a Brightening Mask

Treat your skin to a radiance-boosting brightening mask two to three times a week. This type of mask helps lift away dead skin cells to help improve the tone and texture of your skin. Our brightening mask is formulated with Yuzu lemon, a known source of Vitamin C, as well as papaya, which is known to help smooth skin.

Tip #6: Moisturize Daily 

Dehydrated skin is one of the leading causes of dull skin. When your skin is dry, the surface of your skin may feel coarse and less elastic. Use a moisturizer daily to help you achieve smooth, healthy-looking skin.

Tip #7: Choose Your Makeup Wisely

Certain makeups can clog your pores and contribute to pore buildup. Instead, use non-comedogenic and oil-free makeup to help prevent clogged pores. At the end of the day, remove all of your makeup with a makeup-removing cloth to let your skin breathe overnight.

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