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We have always taken an unconventional approach to skincare, encouraging people to get that sh*t out of their pores. Now, by embracing our core values of inclusivity, courage and curiosity, we will help clear the way to help address mental health. In a first-of-its kind initiative for a beauty brand, aptly dubbed  


We will go beyond conversation and donations with an action-based partnership with with Mental Health First Aid, a nationally recognized program of the National Council for Behavioral Health to address the mental health of college students across the U.S.

We will work with the National Council to bring the Get That Sh*t Out campaign to college students across America, setting an ambitious goal of reaching students across at least 100 colleges in the US with MHFA training. 

Just as traditional First Aid teaches people the basics to address physical health issues, MHFA takes the fear and hesitation out of starting conversations about mental health and substance use challenges by improving understanding and providing an action plan that teaches people to identify and address potential mental illness or substance use challenges safely and responsibly.

Via the MHFA website at, students will be able to register and share why their college needs its own MHFA program. After receiving all the submissions, the colleges will work with our team and MHFA to roll out virtual training. Every student who receives the training will get certified to help others, creating a ripple effect to destigmatize mental illness and substance use disorders.

“I can’t think of a better partner for this initiative than the National Council and Mental Health First Aid,” said Leah Stone, Associate Director Face Care, “This past year, perhaps more than any other, our collective mental health has been challenged. The Bioré team is beyond excited to partner with the National Council and MHFA to help make an impact in this deeply important work.”

As we're taking MHFA to college campuses, we're also bringing the training to our Bioré brand team, taking the course ourselves to become Mental Health First Aiders. And because we'd never ask you to do something we wouldn't do, our team members will get their personal sh*t out on social media, speaking honestly and openly about their own mental health journeys. By making ourselves part of the conversation, rather than just bystanders, we aim to encourage and support our community of followers to speak out about or get help for any mental health and substance use challenges they may be struggling with.

Stay tuned for partnership updates in the coming months and follow @BioreUS as we encourage others to Get That Sh*t Out.

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