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What is Carbon Neutrality?

Companies, processes and products are carbon neutral if they have calculated their CO2 emissions, found ways to reduce their emissions and then offset any emissions that are unavoidable by participating in carbon offset projects.

It’s important that we focus on reducing our carbon footprint as much as we can. As there is no quick fix, we continuously challenge our product development and manufacturing processes to further avoid or reduce CO2 emissions. In addition, we aim to develop products that require less water, energy usage or transportation.

The Bioré brand is reducing waste and decreasing the amount of new plastics on our planet by utilizing post-consumer recycled plastics. Most of our cleanser packages contain 30% post-consumer recycled (PCR) materials. Our plan for 2023 is to increase the PCR content to 50% for the total pack.

Our production is all about doing more and better with less. We evaluate and measure our impact on the planet and then look for ways to minimize overconsumption and inefficiencies in energy, water, and waste. We support the use of renewable energy, support water conservation, and use FSC or SFI certified paper, as available, we have put in place a step-by-step energy reduction plan.

Achieving carbon neutrality is not an end goal but a bridge to more-substantial reductions.

These projects can happen anywhere in the world. Greenhouse gases such as CO2 are evenly distributed in the atmosphere, so they’re roughly the same everywhere on Earth. For example, if our product is made in the U.S., we can offset our emissions by supporting a project that saves emissions in another part of the world by generating clean energy where it is needed.

Want to know more about carbon offset projects?

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