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Pores aren’t the only things we obsess about–we’re also passionate about our planet. That’s why we’re so proud to announce that our products are now carbon neutral, which is confirmed by the ClimatePartner label. ClimatePartner is an organization that helps us calculate, reduce and offset our carbon footprint. Find out more about our partnership here.

Why? Climate change is no longer a future problem–it’s happening now. And it’s one of the greatest global challenges we face.

Bioré® skincare believes sustainability is the only path forward. Together with ClimatePartner, we have calculated our carbon footprint and are taking measures to cut our footprint or work to offset all emissions that cannot yet be avoided as we make the products you love.

Click below to find out more about our CO2 emissions and carbon offset projects.






ClimatePartner Comparison Calculator

What does a ton of CO2 really mean? Is that a lot or very little?
Use the ClimatePartner Comparison calculator to “translate” carbon offsets into real examples.

The annual amounts of Bioré strips and cleansers sold in the US for example generate 2,675 t CO2.
Use the comparison tool to see what this represents:

Climate Protection Calculator

Move the slider to get a comparison of your carbon emissions.

t CO2

The amount corresponds to ...

... km driven by car
... wash cycles (60°C)
... the yearly CO2-capture of beech trees
... the production of pairs of running shoes
... the production of kg of beef
... the melting of m² summerly ice in the Arctic
... economy flights from London to New York
... the yearly carbon footprint of average global citizens

How much have we offset so far? Check it out:

How Does Carbon Offsetting Lead
to Carbon Neutrality?



First, we work together with ClimatePartner as they calculate all the CO2 emissions we generate as we make our products. This includes the whole process, from raw materials to production to packaging, transportation and even disposal.



Using our calculation results, we look to see where we can cut emissions. Then, we work together with our suppliers to reduce emissions where we can. For example, by using green electricity in production and logistics or by switching our packaging to recycled materials like recycled plastic.



There will be some emissions we simply can’t avoid as we make our products. That’s when we get involved in internationally recognized carbon offset  projects through the help of ClimatePartner. Helping with these projects does good for the environment that helps cancel out, or offset, the emissions we can’t help but create.  


Carbon Neutral

Before they get to you, we mark each of our carbon neutral products with the ClimatePartner label so you know that what you’re buying is carbon neutral.  

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